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iTunes gift card

iTunes gift card

Apple is arguably the biggest brand on earth. When you see that half-bitten apple at the back of any device, you know it was bought with a lot of money.

Apple is well known for making expensive and luxurious products. One of their best works yet is the iPhone operating system which we call iOS. iTunes gift cards can be used to shop on itunes store.

You can shop for your favorite album or song using your gift card. You can get a gift card as high as $100 and buy as many songs as that money can get you.

iTunes gift card uses

iTunes gift card can be used for many things. The main use of iTunes gift card is to shop online wherever it is accepted but there are some other uses:

1. Buy games: You can use you iTunes gift card to buy games online and pay by redeeming the gift card. You can buy the pro version of a game on apple store via the use of a gift card. There are thousands of games available on the apple store and many of them are premium. You can use this iTunes card to buy games within the spending limit.

2. Buy premium apps: There are also some apps that have in-app purchase. There are some features the free version will lack so you are required to buy a premium version from the apple store. With an iTunes gift card, you can upgrade your app to the pro version. A lot of  small businesses prefer to redeem iTunes gift cards when they need the premium version of an app for their businesses. Especially those who need photo editing apps.

3. Buy iBooks: You can also redeem the gift card buy buying books on the ibookstore. All your favorite books are there in different genres. You get sci-fi books, drama, action, romance and many others. This is for the book lovers who prefer to read digital books.

4. Buy Songs and Movies: There is also an option to use your iTunes gift6 card to buy songs from your best artiste or that movie you have been dying to watch. All you need to is to type in the promo code on your gift card where it is required during checkout.

5. Enlarge your soundcloud storage: The iTunes gift card can also help you increase the storage space from your soundcloud account.

How to get an iTunes Gift Card

You can get an iTunes gift card in many ways. Some people are very lucky to win gift cards while some buy from trusted retailers. What is more important is that the gift card is redeemable and not how you got it. These are some of the ways to get iTunes gift cards:

1. Buy from trusted suppliers: There are a lot of scammers online who claim to sell gift cards but end up running with your money. You can buy from trusted suppliers.

2. Earn as gift: You can also earn an iTunes gift card as a gift or reward. This is the most legit way to get a gift card.

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